Internet Bingo A Sure Cure For ‘the Blues’

A recent survey indicated that a significant percentage of online bingo players play for fun and for the opportunity to socialize with other players. Many players have formed lasting friendships at internet bingo sites and there have even been marriages among players that met online. A majority of internet bingo players consider companionship much more important than winning. Internet bingo attracts players from all backgrounds and walks of life. It is common to see older pensioners socializing with younger affluent players at most bingo sites. Internet bingo is affordable to almost everyone thanks to generous bingo bonuses and special promotions. Internet bingo offers players the chance to win some pretty big jackpots for a very small wager.

Traditionally seen as a game for older players the internet version of bingo is increasingly attracting younger players of both sexes. Many people are not aware of the vibrant social atmosphere provided by internet bingo. It should come as no surprise that internet bingo is the fastest growing sector of the online gaming industry. Last year there was a 40% increase in online gambling and many experts believe that internet bingo is the driving force behind the surge in online players. One survey showed that online gambling is more popular than Facebook and other social networking sites. Facebook has over 500 million regular users so if the survey is correct internet bingo has a very bright future ahead.

The same survey mentioned above claimed that 40% of all new internet bingo players were under the age of 30. It has long been known that internet bingo attracts younger players and most players are between the ages of 18 through 40. The typical internet bingo player in the UK is female and middle class. Bingo is seen as by most as a socially acceptable form of gambling probably because of the game’s long association with churches and charities. The non intimidating atmosphere makes the game prefect for ladies. Although the game is dominated by ladies many men are discovering the joys of internet bingo. There are even a few bingo sites devoted to a male perspective on the game.

The main reason most people play internet bingo is because it is so much fun! Many players say that internet bingo helps them deal with the stresses of everyday life and many claim the game is a sure cure for the blues.