The ‘Four Day Flop’

What has become known as the ‘four day flop’ couldn’t have come at a worse time for internet bingo operators. April and May are traditionally busy months for internet bingo operators and several holidays and two bank holidays provide plenty of reasons for bingo sites to offer players special games and promotions. Bingo operators try to make as much money as possible during these two months in advance of the slow summer seasons when revenue at most bingo sites drops dramatically. The ‘four day flop’ refers to the royal wedding weekend combined with a special bank holiday. Bingo operators had hoped for increased business during the special event and many operators had invested heavily in expensive television advertising.

About a month prior to the royal wedding advertisements began to appear at most bingo sites promoting special events, games, bingo bonuses and royal wedding themed prizes. As an example one bingo site offered a ring that was a duplicate of the one worn by Kate Middleton. Bingo operators expected the royal wedding to provide a bumper crop of players. Unfortunately things did not go as planned. The BBC reported that over 24 million people tuned in to the royal wedding in the UK alone and that globally over 2 billion people watched the royal nuptials. In addition over 1 million Britons make the trip to London to try and catch a glimpse of the royal wedding party and witness the pomp associated with royal events.

In spite of generous promotions it appears that bingo operators miscalculated the mood of most British internet bingo players. One news report cited the ‘celebration factor’ as the main reason for sparse attendance at online bingo games. A large portion of the British population spent the evening of the royal wedding in pubs, at parties and at celebrations throughout the UK. In other words most players were too busy partying and put off playing internet bingo games. While bingo sites were hurting land based bingo clubs reported a phenomenal week. Many bingo halls set up big screen televisions so players could watch the broadcasts of the royal wedding. In addition news from the United States announcing that Special Forces had captured and killed the world’s most wanted terrorist had many bingo players glued to their television sets watching the latest developments in the story.

Internet bingo operators still have one more bank holiday left before the summer season and many sites have already announced special games and promotions that will take place during the long weekend.  Hopefully bingo operators can recoup some of the losses caused by the ‘four day flop.’