The Massive Growth of Internet Bingo

During the past decade bingo has become an internet phenomenon. In the UK over three million people play internet bingo regularly and the internet bingo sector generates about $2 billion dollars annually. In Great Britain internet bingo is now more popular than internet poker and new bingo sites come online every week. All that is required to play internet bingo is online access and a personal computer, laptop or mobile phone. Games are available 24/7 and internet bingo is much more convenient for players. Land based players must wait for bingo halls to open and must adhere to strict game schedules set by individual bingo halls. Internet bingo players can set their own game schedules making internet bingo much more convenient. There are three major factors that contribute to the immense popularity of internet bingo.

1.    Internet bingo is easy to play and understand.
2.    Internet bingo offers all the thrills and excitement of land based bingo games.
3.    The social aspect of internet bingo and the sense of community make internet bingo a big hit.

The successful transition of bingo from traditional bingo halls to the internet has attracted millions of players from around the world. As has been mentioned internet bingo is probably one of the easiest online games to understand and play. No specific technical skills are required and any computer novice and log on and play.  Unfortunately there are still people who are technophobic who are uncomfortable with computers and the internet. Many studies have shown that older players prefer games at live bingo halls while younger players overwhelmingly prefer playing bingo on the internet. Many older players think, mistakenly, that playing bingo online is complicated. Just about everyone has played bingo at one time or another. Most players were introduced to bingo through the old fashioned home bingo games. Many were introduced to bingo at school where the game has been used for teaching purposes for over a century.

There are many bingo sites that offer very attractive bonuses and promotions. Many bingo sites offer free bingo games so new players can try out the games and learn the internet version of bingo. The combination of the three factors mentioned insures that internet bingo will continue its astounding growth well into the future.