UK Bingo Operators Eye Lucrative US Market

A recent poll taken by the venerable Wall Street Journal showed that 77% of all Americans are in favor of legalized online gambling. Despite a majority of US citizens in favor of legal online gambling the Department of Justice recently closed four major poker sites, seized assets and indicted 11 people for various violations of US gambling law. Given the fact that legal online gambling could provide the US government with billions in much needed revenue every year the DOJ went ahead with what most consider a wrongheaded move. There may be light at the end of the tunnel for online gaming thanks to Representative Barney Frank and Colorado congressman John Campbell.

After the heavy handed action by the DOJ Frank spoke out and said that the Obama administration was “wasting its time” and resources. Frank said that the resources would be better used going after those responsible for the housing crisis. Frank joked and suggested that the DOJ should “Go after the people responsible for empty houses, not full houses.”  Many states including the District of Columbia have announced plans to offer residents legal online gambling. Most gaming experts believe that the US will legalize online gambling by the end of this year or early next year.

The news from the US has not gone unnoticed by the internet bingo industry. Many UK bingo operators are eying the US market and hope to acquire licenses after online bingo becomes legal in the US. Many industry analysts say that now is the time for UK bingo operators to make their move on the lucrative US gaming market. It has been reported that UK gaming company William Hill is negotiating the purchase of two Nevada gaming firms for £24 million pounds. ($39,044,108.94 USD) Many UK bingo operators hope that the introduction of legal online gambling in the District of Columbia will produce a ripple effect and that the federal government will follow the lead of DC.

The first winner in the legal online gambling market in the US is Greek gaming giant Intralot who will supply the software and gaming platform for the DC gaming site. British internet bingo operators are sure to monitor developments closely. Internet bingo operators in the UK have the experience and capital necessary for a successful entry into the US gaming market. The revenue generated from online gaming would benefit every citizen of the United States.