Are Free Bingo Bonuses Really Good For Players ?

Although internet bingo players are not seeing as many free no deposit bonuses as they used to they are still available at some bingo sites. Most of the major internet bingo operators have withdrawn their free no deposit bonuses in favor of larger deposit bonuses and other schemes such as cash back awards and player loyalty programs. Given the fact that so many bingo sites have dumped free no deposit bonuses many are wondering if the bonuses are good for players and the industry as a whole.

The bottom line is that most ‘free’ bonuses are hardly free at all. Many are just cleverly disguised deposit bonuses with a few free bingo games thrown in. A real free bingo bonus would require no deposit from the player at all. In recent years many internet bingo operators have dumped free bingo offers because of abuse by some players. Many players would go to a bingo site, take advantage of the bonus and go on to the next bonus without making any deposit. This is known as ‘bonus jumping’ and is obviously unprofitable for bingo providers who are in business to make money.

Many high quality bingo sites continue the practice of offering free no deposit bingo and at these sites the no deposit bonuses actually benefit the player. Players can use the bonus to see if they like the games the site has to offer and can make up their mind whether they want to actually sign up and make a deposit. Sites that still offer free no deposit bonuses usually provide bingo games with very small jackpots. Many sites will offer a fixes amount of free bingo but the wagering and withdrawal requirements are usually stringent.

Today most bingo sites are offering larger deposit bonuses. Generally these bonuses come with wagering requirements. Most bingo sites require a certain amount of betting before any winnings may be withdrawn. Wagering requirements are based on a formula something like this; Deposit + Bingo Bonus x wagering multiplier. The wagering multiplier will vary from site to site. At most internet bingo sites the wagering multiplier is clearly stated in the terms and conditions or FAQ section of the site. At reputable sites the requirements ensure that the site makes money and the player has a fair chance to use the bonus and withdraw their winnings.