The Future of Internet Bingo in the US

Many players in the US are wondering just what the future holds for internet bingo in the United State. The heavy handed seizure of four poker sites and the assets connected with the sites has many in the internet bingo industry justifiable worried. One bingo network has already closed up shop in the US. World Bingo Network sites that fell victim to US regulators include Bingo Workz USA Bingo, America Bingo, Bingo Comics, Bingo Tropic, Bingo Gang, Bingo Oasis, Fair N’ Square Bingo, Wave Bingo and Desperate Housewives Bingo. The sites closed on May 27th and the WBN cited ‘a challenging environment and circumstances beyond our control made it impossible to continue operations.’ The WBN has promised players that they will refund all player funds as soon as possible.

The closures have made many US players skittish because the main targets of US regulators seem to be payment processors. This has caused many American players to become reluctant to make new deposits at internet bingo sites for fear that their accounts will be seized or frozen. The actions by the US government have had a domino effect in the industry. In addition to the WBN closures several bingo sites have exited the US market. The closures have had a worldwide effect in the internet bingo industry and have affected the choices available to players around the world. Players are also wary about the security of their online bingo accounts.

Bingo sites that have a majority of players from the United States will most likely be forced to close at some point. So far the US government has not explained the rationale behind their actions and accurate information is hard to come by at this point. It should be noted that US law does not make internet bingo illegal. The processing of any transaction related to any online bingo game for money is illegal. While so far the targets of the US government have been poker sites many online casinos and bingo sites are not waiting for further government actions and are shutting their doors to American players. Some ewallet services and online payment processors have left the US market further compounding problems faced by American bingo players. Sadly most of the information circulating is rumor and speculation and the future of internet bingo in the United States remains unclear at this point.