Tips For Mobile Bingo Players

Bingo has been around for about five centuries and is one of the most popular and played games in the world. The modern 75 ball version of the game was invented by Edwin S. Lowe in the 1920’s. Since then several variants of the traditional game have emerged such as 90 ball bingo, 80 ball and 30 ball bingo also known as ‘speed’ bingo. Bingo has evolved and has embraced new computer and mobile technologies. In the mid to late 1990’s bingo went online and the rest is well documented history. In ten years since the launch of the first bingo sites internet bingo has attracted millions of players and is now a two billion dollar a year industry.

The growth of the internet bingo industry continues despite the withdrawal of the US from the online gaming market. Online bingo has been called ‘recession proof’ and a few financial experts even said that internet bingo is a good investment. Today there are more than four hundred internet bingo sites targeting the UK market. Mobile bingo is a good example of bingo’s unique ability to take advantage of new emerging technologies. Several internet bingo providers have launched mobile applications that enable players to enjoy a game of internet bingo no matter where they happen to be when the mood strikes them. Mobile gaming is very popular and it was inevitable that bingo operators would enter the new lucrative mobile gaming market.

Connection costs for mobile phone use have declined and now the technology is affordable to just about everyone. Increased mobile phone capabilities have made mobile gaming one of the fastest growing gaming sectors. All that is needed to play mobile bingo is a mobile device capable of downloading the bingo app and an internet connection. Mobile bingo players have access to the same high quality bingo games provided for computer and laptop users. Even better mobile bingo players can take advantage of the same bingo bonuses, promotions and special offers   provided by most bingo sites. Since the launch of mobile bingo applications busy players on the go are taking advantage of the huge selection of games and player perks.

Here are a few helpful tips for mobile bingo players. Don’t play more cards than you can handle. Some mobile bingo apps require players to mark their cards manually. Industry statistics show that Mondays and Tuesdays are good days to play mobile bingo because there are fewer players online. The less crowded the bingo rooms the greater the chance of winning a bingo jackpot. Weekends are the worst time to play mobile bingo because typically most bingo sites are crowded. Players should always check their mobile phone batteries before playing.