Who’s Playing Internet Bingo and Why ?

When many people think of bingo they conjure up images of little old blue haired ladies sitting in a church basement or smoky bingo hall staring intently at the pile of bingo cards in front of them. The reality is much different especially when it comes to the world of online bingo. Currently there are about four million regular internet bingo players in the UK. In addition there are millions of casual players that may play a game of bingo once in a while. Many people also think of bingo as boring and dull and once again nothing could be further from the truth. Online bingo has been one of the few growth industries throughout the current global recession. In fact online gaming stocks have been touted as a good bet by several large investment companies. Where are all these internet bingo players coming from and who plays bingo and why?

It has been estimated that about 30% of all internet bingo players are under the age of 35. A survey taken a few years ago showed that internet bingo is the most popular leisure activity among females ages 18 to 35. Gambling statistics show that younger players prefer online games while the older generation prefers to play in live bingo halls. Internet bingo is a fast paced game that appeals to younger players. In a typical internet bingo game the speed of the calls is about 23 numbers per minute. Surprisingly there are many men playing internet bingo as an alternative to pub crawling. Two out of three bingo players participate in internet bingo games.

What attracts these younger players? A recent survey revealed that two thirds of all players surveyed play internet bingo games for social reasons and considers financial gain secondary to the social aspect of online bingo. The internet has changed the way most people live, shop, gather information and play games and bingo has adapted well to the internet. Increased broadband access has made bingo available to even more players.

Increased jackpots are attracting more players. The days of two and three figure bingo jackpots are gone forever. Last year a cleaner in the UK won over one million pounds playing internet bingo and there are sure to be more bingo millionaires in the future. Currently there are over 400 bingo sites targeting the huge UK bingo market and new sites are launched weekly. Internet bingo has been credited with the recent revival of live bingo ensuring the survival of the game for another 500 years!