Bingo Players Express Outrage Over Casey Anthony Verdict

The Casey Anthony murder trial has been a hot topic at online bingo forums and chat rooms. The sordid saga began in 2008 when two year old Caylee Anthony went missing while in her mother’s custody. According to Casey Anthony’s father, George Anthony, Casey disappeared for a little over a month with Caylee in tow. When Casey’s mother tried to see her granddaughter Casey said she was ‘too busy’ with a work project. She later told her mother that Caylee was with a nanny. Later it was revealed that while the nanny did actually exist she had never met Casey or Caylee Anthony.

From there things went downhill fast. Cindy and George Anthony found a certified letter that said that Casey’s car was at the impound lot of a towing company. When George went to pick up the car he and the lot attendant noticed a strong smell emanating from the trunk. At the trial both testified that they believed the smell was that of a decomposing body.  The horrible truth was revealed after Caylee’s body was found on December 15 2008. Caylee’s death was ruled a homicide. After Casey was arrested for the fourth time Judge John Jordan ordered her held without bail.

The prosecutors served notice that they would seek the death penalty in the Anthony case. Unfortunately a good deal of the evidence against Casey was circumstantial. The trial provoked strong reactions and emotions. Internet bingo forums were full of chatter about the case and most players had strong feelings against Casey Anthony. When Casey was acquitted by the jury the outrage grew. In a typical comment on an internet bingo forum one angry player stated “Here is my opinion, this bitch that calls herself a mother should not be breathing!! Plain and simple she should have received the death penalty! There was a little girl who needed a mother, needed protection and needed love and what she got was in the way in her mother’s eyes and she killed her!! I have never wished bad things on a person before but I can no longer claim that because I do wish all kinds of bad things on that bitch Casey Anthony. I hope that all those that defended her along with the jury that completely screwed up, now suffer with nightmares about this little girl whose life was stolen all too soon!! Believe it or not that comment was one of the most civil ones!

The Casey Anthony case is likely to remain a hot topic among internet bingo players into the foreseeable future.