Internet Bingo vs. Internet Poker

A few years ago many internet bingo players were surprised to hear that according to Google’s figures online bingo was neck to neck with poker as the most popular online game. The growth of the internet bingo industry has exceeded all expectations and predictions by industry experts. By 2010 internet bingo was a $2 billion dollar a year industry and experts say that by 2013 internet bingo will generate close of $3 billion dollars in revenues. Some believe that a recent television advertising blitz is responsible for the rapid growth of bingo’s popularity. Others say that Google’s decision to accept advertising from UK based bingo operators helped industry expansion.


Social Responsibility

After the US ban on internet gambling, Google rejected any advertisements for online gaming. Google then did an about face and decided to accept advertisements for online gambling in countries where it is legal. This has helped the online gaming industry as a whole because online players tend to be younger and tech savvy. Since online gambling can be a touchy subject the internet bingo industry takes their social responsibilities seriously. Most reputable internet bingo sites provide highly visible links to websites designed to assist problem gamblers. In the UK almost 10% of the population has participated in some form of online gambling and the number is growing.


Bingo vs. Poker

The main difference between online poker and bingo is that poker is a skill based game and bingo is a random game of chance. The first online poker sites were launched in the early 90’s and were instantly popular. In the late 90’s internet bingo was introduced but did not achieve the instant popularity of online poker games. In the beginning remote bingo games were somewhat boring and the technology of the time did not allow the use of live callers and the use of chat rooms. Another major difference was jackpot sizes. Poker sites gave players the ability to win incredible amounts of money while most bingo jackpots were two or three figures at best. Also, the bingo bonus structures are much different, as discussed in this post on eGamblingTips.

Advances in software and flash technology enabled bingo sites to overcome their shortcomings and today internet bingo players enjoy games with astonishing graphics and animation. Even better the jackpots have increased. It is now common for internet bingo players to win life changing amounts of money. The addition of chat rooms has greatly contributed to the popularity and growth of internet bingo. Currently both poker and online bingo are still equal in popularity.