Lucky Statistics For Internet Bingo Players

A Gala bingo study has revealed some very interesting facts and gambling statistics. The data compiled by Gala reveals the luckiest names, places and astrological signs for bingo players in the United Kingdom. For example the study showed that women named Susan are the luckiest bingo players in the UK. Women named Susan have won £69 million pounds ($112,476,900.86 USD) playing bingo since 2006. Since Gala launched their internet bingo site in February 2006 Gala has sold enough online bingo tickets that if printed would reach the 405,969 kilometres to the moon one and a half times! The study was the result of Gala searching through six billion bingo tickets sold over the past five years. The search showed that women named Susan and Julie were the luckiest players having won £131 million pounds ($246,145,101.79 USD) in five years.


Lucky Bingo Names

The five luckiest bingo names are, in order, Susan, Julie, Linda, Karen and Margaret. The top five luckiest towns for bingo players are, in order, Birmingham, Sheffield, Newcastle, Doncaster and Bristol. Over the past five years female players have consistently defeated their male counterparts for the luckiest bingo names. This should come as no surprise since a vast majority of internet bingo players are women. For males the two luckiest names seem to be Paul and David.


Astrology’s Effect on Internet Bingo

Many people believe in astrology and believe that the movement of the stars and planets can influence luck and other facets of daily life. Astrology is an ancient art and has been practiced since the beginning of human history. Ancient civilizations on most continents had sophisticated astrology systems. Astrology is popular among internet bingo players and is a common topic of conversation in chat rooms and bingo forums. According to the Gala bingo study Taurus and Cancer have been the luckiest signs for bingo players consistently over the last five years. The luckiest astrological signs for bingo players are, in order, Taurus, Cancer, Aries, Leo and Gemini.


Luckiest Places to Live

It would appear that where a player lives can have an effect on their bingo luck. For players in the UK the Midlands were the luckiest. Birmingham is the luckiest city and players there score more bingo jackpot wins than any other British city. Birth years also seem to be somehow connected to bingo luck. The five luckiest birth years are, in order 1962, 1965, 1961, 1971 and 1963. Players born in the 1960’s were the luckiest of all and won over £500 million pounds ($814,994,830.36 USD) over a five year period. It would appear that middle aged players are the luckiest of all.

Can luck really be determined by a name, place or birth year? Psychology Professor Geoffrey Beattie stated “Psychological research shows that people who believe they are lucky are more likely to feel confident, to take more risks, to bet more and by implication are more likely to win a prize than people who feel unlucky and don’t take that initial risk. In fact, people who consider themselves as ‘lucky’ and who have higher levels of optimism can create a self-fulfilling prophesy.”

Here’s the bottom line: bingo players don’t even need luck with the huge bingo bonuses and bingo promotions offered by most leading online bingo sites. Bingo bonuses enable players to stretch every penny they invest in bingo. Some players even intentionally play on weeknights to increase their odds.