Playing It Safe at Bingo Sites

The internet bingo industry has been incredibly lucky when it comes to internet security. So far no bingo site has been hacked or compromised by malware. Bingo players would like to keep it that way but they must also take some responsibility for their own internet security. Internet security is a serious issue and should never be taken lightly by players. There are many things players can do protect themselves and their computers.  Here are a few security tips for online bingo players-

Always make sure a firewall is installed on your personal computer or laptop. A firewall stops infections cold and protects the hard drive from hackers and remote third parties. Players should also install a reliable antivirus program. There are several free antivirus programs available and a quick Google search will provide the player with plenty of choices. Make sure the antivirus program if reliable and legitimate. Beware of fake antivirus and antispyware programs. Fake antivirus programs can compromise a player’s sensitive data. If you don’t have an antivirus program installed you are asking for trouble.

Never share your username of password with anyone especially if you are using a shared computer. Do not use the “Remember my password for this site” feature on any shared computer. Sharing information could enable a third party to steal money from your bingo account.

Always use a credit or debit card that offers protection against fraud and theft. Check to see if your bank offers internet friendly payment methods. Avoid bingo sites that demand payment by pre paid money orders or Western Union.

Be sure to read the site’s security policies before making any deposits. Look for reliable Systems like SSL Secure Socket Layer technology that encrypts all data making it hacker proof.

Make sure the site you choose is reputable. There are several independent bingo review sites that provide accurate information about bingo sites. Check for customer service issues and try to find reviews written by actual players.

It is very important for you to know where the bingo site is licensed. Common licensing jurisdictions include Malta, Gibraltar, Cyprus, Curacao and Kahnawake. Sites licensed in the UK and the EU are the most reliable and are subject to strict regulation by the UK gambling commission and the European Union. Some licensing jurisdictions have a ‘wild west’ atmosphere and sites licensed in these countries should be avoided. Just use common sense and do the research and chances are you will have no problem while playing internet bingo at your favorite site.