Random Number Generators For Internet Bingo

One of the first questions asked by many new online bingo players is how the called numbers are generated. The answer is easy; internet bingo sites use random number generators to choose the numbers that are called. Random number generators revolutionized the world of gambling when they were first used in the 1970’s. Random number generators made video poker possible and led to the development of many online casino games including internet bingo. Today random number generators are used at many land based bingo halls in place of the traditional bingo ball machines.


How Random Number Generators Work

Random number generators use algorithms to generate numbers. An algorithm is a way of coming up with the answer to a math problem using parameters and a set of instructions, and are also used to ensure that internet bingo financial transactions are safe. During internet bingo games the random number generator is answering the ‘problem’ of what number to generate in a random sequence of 75 or 90 numbers. Random number generators can be programmed for both 75 and 90 ball bingo games. Basically what happens during a bingo game is the RNG utilizes a  randomizing algorithm to generate the random numbers that are called. Many people find it difficult to believe that there can actually be a set of rules that can determine the generation of random numbers. Some believe that having a set of rules implies that the numbers are not really randomly generated.

Randomizing Parameters ensure that all numbers are generated randomly. The parameter most bingo players are familiar with is the basic set of numbers used in a bingo game. Parameters can be set for 75 and 90 ball games. Placing the parameter into the algorithm the RNG can be programmed to pick any of the numbers from 1 – 75 or 1 – 90, as long as that number has not been generated before. There are many complicated mathematical formulas in play but knowing them is really not necessary to understand random number generators.


RNG Requirements

In most licensing jurisdictions all of the bingo software including the random number generators is thoroughly tested either by the licensing body of by an approved independent testing laboratory. It should also be noted that bingo cards are also created by a random number generator. At the start of each game every player receives new randomly generated bingo cards. The randomness of internet bingo contributes to the game’s excitement. Every player has the same chances of winning any individual bingo game.