Side Game Categories

Side games provide online bingo players with hours of entertainment. Most internet bingo sites offer players an extensive collection of side games. Players use side games as a pleasant diversion while waiting for bingo games to start. For many players side games have become a chief attraction. Thanks to advances in flash technology and software advances internet bingo sites can offer players casino quality games. Generally side games fall into three categories; slot games, instant win games and table games.

Slots games are probably the most popular side games at most bingo sites. Generally most sites offer classic three slots along with sophisticated five reel multi payline slot games. Slot games come in a variety of themes. There are slots based on popular movies such as Harry Potter Slots, Lord of the Rings slots, X Men and many others. Online slots have some advantages over their land based counterparts. Online slots can have more interactive features and awesome graphics. Classic slots are popular with older players who remember the ‘one armed bandits’ in Las Vegas and Atlantic City. Some UK bingo sites offer players ‘fruit machine’ slots that are popular in pubs and bingo halls. Some internet bingo sites have added slots with huge progressive jackpots. The days of two and three figure slot jackpots are gone forever and the new machines offer players substantial jackpots.

Table games are also popular. Table games include roulette, blackjack and video poker. Online roulette is the most popular game at internet bingo sites and at one time was almost as popular as bingo. Many sites offer both European and American roulette. The only difference between the two is that American roulette has an additional space on the wheel. Blackjack, also known as ‘21’ can provide hours of entertainment and a chance to match wits with the house. Video poker is easy to play and even beginners will find the game entertaining.

Instant win games include pull tab games and scratch off games. Scratch off games are very similar to those offered by most state lotteries. Players ‘scratch off’ the card with their mouse and hope for a winning combination. Generally the object of scratch off games in to match all of the winning game symbols.  Keno, bingo’s first cousin, is offered at many internet bingo sites. Keno players select their card numbers before the game begins. The numbers are then called and players hope their numbers match those that are called.

Side games provide hours of enjoyment to internet bingo players. New side games are launched regularly and who knows what the future holds?