Why It’s ‘Cool’ To Play Bingo

Bingo’s popularity has exploded in recent years. The rapid growth of internet bingo has led to a renaissance of live bingo and today it is common to see groups of attractive 20 something’s at local bingo halls for a girl’s night out. Bingo’s popularity with the ladies has not escaped the attention of many men who find local bingo halls to be happy hunting grounds. In other words; a night out at the local bingo hall is now ‘cool.’ What was once considered a game for pensioners is now popular with young players who see bingo as an opportunity to relax, socialize and have some fun.
Why the sudden surge in popularity? Why has bingo suddenly become cool? The manager of Crown Bingo in Redcar, UK, Roxburgh Richmond has a few ideas about the subject. Richmond said that bingo’s sudden high profile has helped the game to become popular with younger players. Richmond stated “The game has been brought to the forefront. We are seeing it more and more on the TV, newspapers have got it in and there is online bingo. This has made people think ‘let’s give it a go’. This has helped the commercial bingo clubs.”

Richmond credits online bingo, in part, for the increased attendance at live bingo games. Richmond stated “People are starting off online but you haven’t got the atmosphere there.” “People are starting off online but you haven’t got the atmosphere there.” Richmond is 53 and started working in the bingo industry in the 70’s and has made several observations during that time. Richmond told interviewers “What you will also find is, it is somebody’s daughter or granddaughter or even son and grandson coming in. They come along as families here. There has been two or three generations sat around the same table here.”

According to statistics from GamCare, a national provider of information, advice and counseling in the UK for problem gamblers, bingo has a very low rate of gambling addiction among players. According to the agency only 3% of all calls received are from bingo players who believe they have a problem. The low gambling addiction rate among bingo players contributes to the games ‘cool’ image among young players. Many young players say they started out playing cash online bingo and decided to check out the live version of the game. A majority of young bingo players divide their time between internet bingo and live games at local bingo halls. Internet bingo has created a whole new generation of players’ ensuring the game’s survival for years to come.