Big Changes in Store For Mobile Bingo

A recent study suggests that big changes are in store for the mobile entertainment and gaming industries during the next five years. The report by UK gaming research specialist H2 Gambling Capital contains some very interesting figures and predictions. H2 Gambling Capital spent about a year compiling the information and predicts even more growth in the mobile gaming sector and changes in player usage.

Mobile Bingo Projections Rise

The report stated that by the end of 2010 mobile gaming accounted for 9.8% of all remote gambling and 0.6% of the gross gaming revenues globally. Analysts estimate that by 2013 mobile gaming will account for 129% of all remote gaming and 0.9% of the gross gaming yield. Mobile gaming has been the fastest growing sector of the interactive gaming industry. In the internet bingo sector mobile bingo and been the driving force behind substantial industry growth.

Exponential Growth For Bingo

In 2010 the mobile gaming industry was worth 2.22 billion Euros. That figure is expected to double by 2015. By that time the total mobile gaming market will be worth about 5.4 billion euros. The change equals a compound growth rate of 19.3% annually. Earlier in the year another report predicted big things for the mobile gambling industry.

Juniper Research

A study by research firm Juniper suggests massive mobile gaming growth during the next five years, predicting the market will be worth $54 billion by 2015. The survey said that mobile gambling will be the fastest growing sector. Smart phones are rapidly becoming a part of everyday life especially for the young. In 2010 the mobile entertainment market was valued at about $33 billion dollars. The survey goes on to say that the combination of app stores and smart phones has created a demand for mobile services such as social media, games, video and streamed music.

Meteoric Growth

The report and survey concluded that the fastest growing sector will be mobile gambling followed by social media. The report also says that despite the erosion of the ringtone market mobile music will generate the largest content revenues over the next five years. By region the Far East and China will account for the largest share of mobile revenues followed by Western Europe. Bingo news sources have been following mobile industry developments closely. According to several bingo news sources and experts mobile bingo will be the fastest growing sector of the online bingo industry in 2011-12. Several major bingo brands have already taken advantage of the opportunities provided by mobile bingo and have launched their own mobile applications.