Bingo Losses Lead to Fake Kidnapping, Robbery Reports

Bingo is a popular game throughout the world and in Argentina both live and internet bingo are very popular.  There are many bingo halls in Argentina and Argentines spend about $4 to $5 billion dollars a year on gambling. Online bingo has been a part of the gambling industry in Argentina since 1995 when Ladbrokes, the UK sportsbook company, entered the Argentinean internet bingo market. Ladbrokes also took over several bingo halls in Buenos Aires and built new bingo halls in Posadas and Salta. Argentina is the largest gaming market in South America and several bingo operators have shown an interest in entering the Argentine internet bingo market.


Argentina Internet Bingo

In Argentina internet bingo is not as accessible as land based bingo due to Argentine laws. Since 2008 only locally run and licensed gambling sites are legal but recently the laws have been relaxed. The government is in the process of revising the nation’s online gambling laws. Previously the government had taken a US style heavy handed approach to online gambling. The stance was very unpopular and politicians have been under pressure to relax the restrictions. Despite restrictions thousands play internet bingo in Argentina.


Bingo Drama in Argentina

Recently some very interesting bingo news has come out of Argentina. In one day two separate incidents took place that involved internet bingo players and police. The police were called to two unrelated incidents; one involved a kidnapping and the other a strong armed robbery. One case involved a 21 year old woman who had picked up 2000 pesos from her family. Instead of going home with the money she decided to play cash bingo. After playing for 12 hours the woman came out with only 700 pesos. Instead of fessing up to her family she made up a fantastic story that involved gangsters, car chases and being thrown out of a fast moving sports car. The woman’s story came unraveled after questioning and the police quickly discovered the truth.


More Controversy

The next case took place in the same police precinct just hours later. An intoxicated 36 year old newlywed came to the police station and claimed that a gang forced him to use drugs and forced him to withdraw 6,000 pesos from cash machines at several bingo halls. The police were in no mood for another wild goose chase and the lie was quickly discovered. It should be noted that Argentine police are allowed to use physical persuasion to obtain confessions. An unnamed police man said that bingo players should stay at home and safely play internet bingo and not force them to use their confession extracting methods.