Changes In Store For Mirror Bingo

The recent hacking scandal in the UK has had widespread effects on the newspaper bingo industry. In the UK newspaper bingo has a long history dating back to the 1980’s. When bingo went online in the late 90’s newspaper bingo followed the trend and most tabloid newspapers had their own bingo site. For many newspapers online bingo was a cash cow and helped many papers to remain profitable.


Newspaper Bingo Struggling

Today many newspapers are struggling and the Mirror is no exception. Like many papers, the Mirror is going to start charging for online content. Online editions have cut into sales and the Mirror has announced that they will start charging for some content due to falling digital revenue. The history between newspapers and internet bingo is nothing new. According to several bingo news sources, bingo operator PartyGaming has announced that they are planning to merge the Mirror bingo site with three other bingo sites in one shared network. According to bingo news sources the Mirror’s digital revenues are falling because users of Mirror Bingo are leaving for a growing range of bingo sites.


News of the World Changed Everything

These are challenging times for UK newspapers thanks to the News of the World hacking scandal. The scandal broke in July 2011 and revealed that news of the World had employed private investigators to hack the phones of several celebrities, members of the Royal family and the families of soldiers killed in the Middle East. Advertiser boycotts forced News of the World to cease operations. Other papers are also suspect and many tabloids have gone to great lengths to distance themselves from the scandals.


Stiff Bingo Competition for Mirror

Earlier in the year the Mirror Trinity group said that while digital advertising was rising the growth from their internet bingo sites had not met expectations. The Mirror’s bingo sites faced stiff competition from the hundreds of free bingo sites targeting the same player base. Some bingo reviews said that the games at the Mirror’s site were overpriced compared with games at other established and trusted internet bingo sites.

The following bingo sites will be part of the network that includes Mirror bingo; ITV bingo, Mirror bingo, Bingo Scotland and Rollover bingo. Party Gaming said that players will be offered bigger jackpots, more bingo rooms, an enhanced gaming experience and a vibrant bingo community. The changes should be implemented in the coming weeks.