Club Claims Mecca Bingo Hall is Haunted

It would appear that in Great Britain ghosts are very fond of haunting bingo halls. According to legend and staff the Beacon Bingo club in Loughborough is haunted by a former projectionist named Alfie who dies after falling down the stairs many when the hall was a cinema. At the Hippodrome Bingo club in Derby local legend has it that the hall is haunted by the spirit of a young girl who suffered a similar fate as Alfie. According to bingo news sources, these ghost stories have been passed down from former staff members. Although there is no hard evidence to back up these ghostly stories staff members at several bingo clubs claim to have seen ghostly apparitions.

At a Mecca bingo club in Rosehill ghost hunters tried to track down a sprit and ended up spooked themselves. The ghost known as the ‘grey man’ has been a club legend for years. Staff members have reported seeing the grey man for decades. Members of one of Great Britain’s oldest organizations devoted to all things ghostly, the Ghost Club, decided to investigate the grey man at the local Mecca bingo hall. The Ghost Club was founded in 1862 and past members include Charles Dickens, Siegfried Sassoon, Peter Cushing and many other celebrities.

According to one bingo news source the club was able to convince the bingo club’s management to allow club members to conduct research after hours. The former cinema dates back to the 1930’s and ghost club members held a séance in the club. The team from the Ghost Club was reportedly frightened while conducting their séance. The goal of the séance was to uncover the mystery of the grey man but it would appear that the séance provoked more questions than it answered.

Club members set up a crystal ball and proceeded to ask questions. The questions were followed by a series of eerie noises that club members believed had been made by the ghost. Mecca employee Laura Teakle said that she could identify most of the noises heard by the ghost hunters but there were some noises she could not explain. Teakle stated “Last time I came out with the group a door slammed behind me, and this time I heard unexplained noises. I’m usually quite cynical about these things.”

Earlier in the year the group said it was contacted by a former bingo player who committed suicide in 1965. Ghost Club members believe that the woman was trying to speak to them. Teakle, who was present at the séance, stated “I saw a bright light move quickly in an arc shape as I sat in the top row looking downwards go across the wall on my right. Several of us saw this from different areas of the auditorium. Apparently on one of them if you zoom in you can make out a face.”

Ghost Club members plan to continue their research into the haunted bingo hall.