Does the Weather Affect Internet Bingo Profits ?

There are many factors that affect the internet bingo industry. Economic conditions, currency exchange rates and stock performance are just a few of the factors affecting the internet bingo industry. What most people don’t realize is that there is one factor that affects internet bingo that is beyond the control of anyone; the weather.


Summertime Bingo Slowdown

Weather has a great effect on the number of online bingo players. In the internet bingo industry summer is traditionally a slow season as players abandon bingo games for outdoor summertime activities. In the past, according to many bingo news sources, most bingo sites limited their advertising during the summer months. This is no longer the case and internet bingo operators are spending more on summertime advertising. Many sites have increased the size of their sign up bonuses and in the UK major bingo brands are spending heavily on television advertisements.


Storm Spikes Bingo Traffic

Last winter a series of severe arctic storms hit the UK and northern and central Europe, which we covered extensively on this blog. Rank Group, one of the largest land based bingo operators in the UK, reported sales dropped by almost 30% during the storms. Some independent bingo operators reported losses of as much as 50%. For the internet bingo industry the inclement weather was a blessing. During the storms the internet bingo industry experienced a sudden boom. Players stuck at home logged on at their favorite bingo sites and played for hours. Transportation throughout the UK came to a grinding halt during the storm and even railroads stopped running leaving millions stranded. Auto transportation was impossible and the government urged people to stay off of the roads.


Convenience & Comfort of Internet Bingo

Bingo expert Rob Hutchison summed up the situation and stated “Bingo players know they can still enjoy their favourite game in the comfort of their own homes without having to brave freezing cold temperatures and hazardous icy roads. Who wants to scrape the ice off the windscreen when they can sit down in front of a personal computer and play for big money at home? It makes perfect sense.” The storms hit just after the post holiday season when many players are tapped out from buying Christmas presents and are seeking inexpensive entertainment and internet bingo fit that need perfectly.

Statistics and bingo news sources point out that when the weather is bad there is a sudden increase in the number of internet bingo players online. When the weather is cold, snowy or rainy bingo operators profit. Thanks to last winter’s storms many bingo operators reported record fourth quarter profits. Clearly the weather has a profound effect on the internet bingo economy.