Facebook Changes Advertising Policies For Online Gaming

According to some bingo news sources Facebook has changed its policies regarding online gambling and bingo operators not accepting US customers are now free to advertise on Facebook. This is huge for the online gaming industry because Facebook has over 750 million active users. Facebook is the world’s most used social networking service. In 2010 sales on Facebook topped the $2 billion dollar mark and the sites worth has grown 158% since its launch in 2004. Generally Facebook users are very tech savvy and millions gamble online regularly.

On August 24th 2011 Facebook announced changes in its advertising guidelines. Offline gambling can be promoted and online gambling can be promoted only if ads are targeted outside of the US. All online gambling ads must have Facebook’s consent. Lottery commissions and legal dietary supplements may be advertised but are subject to some restrictions. Ads for internet pharmacies are prohibited unless they are certified and have the permission of Facebook to advertise. The changes will give a variety of industries including internet bingo the opportunity to gain new customers through Facebook.

As has been mentioned the new advertising policies regarding online gambling will create significant advertising opportunities for the internet gaming industry. According to the new policies-Ads promoting or facilitating internet gambling including internet bingo, casinos, sportsbooks or poker are only allowed in specific countries subject to the approval of Facebook.

Lottery commissions licensed by governments may advertise on Facebook but the ads must be targeted in accordance with applicable law in the jurisdiction where the ads will be placed. The ads may only target users in the jurisdiction where the lottery is available.

Ads promoting offline gambling must be in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations and must be appropriately targeted.

The most important of all the changes is allowing ads for online bingo and other gaming without the need for Facebook’s consent provided the ads are targeted towards users over the age of 18 in countries where internet gambling is legal. Previously Facebook permitted ads for internet gaming with permission but the new policy has clarified that ads for internet gaming must be targeted outside of the United States. Facebook has also tightened policies regarding dietary supplements and internet pharmacies. According to several bingo news sources the industry is very pleased with the changes in Facebook bingo policies. The move could provide many new opportunities for the internet bingo industry.