Get Ready For the New Bingo Halls

Since the postwar years bingo has been one of the most popular games in Great Britain. It has survived several recessions and the social upheavals of the 60’s. Although there have been some recent setbacks the games survival has been insured in the United Kingdom. For decades Britons have flocked to bingo halls for an entertaining evening out with friends as well as the chance to take home a small fortune. Many experts say that recent gains made by the live bingo industry can be credited to the large number of online bingo players.


Bingo in 2011

Most of the new players are young and tech savvy and many have attended their first live bingo games simply out of curiosity. According to online bingo news sources internet players appreciate the convenience offered by internet bingo. Games are available 24/7 and are perfect for those working odd hours or shifts. Games are always available at internet bingo sites. As the internet continues to expand and introduce new gaming technologies the number of bingo sites has increased. Today there are over 400 bingo sites targeting the United Kingdom.


Going Mobile with Bingo

The bingo boom is not limited to desktop computers, Macs and Laptops. Rapid advances in mobile technology have enabled phone manufacturers to develop gaming applications that are easily downloaded on most smart phones. Mobile gaming is providing the internet bingo industry with another media they can take advantage of. Gaming experts say that this year and next mobile gaming will be the driving force behind the rapid expansion of the online gaming industry. Players can now bring all the latest casino games to their phones and have most casino games readily available at their fingertips.


Bingo: A Growing Community

While some say that the use of mobile devices and laptops makes virtual bingo a solitary pursuit in reality the size of the bingo community is growing and is bigger than ever. Both the online and land based bingo industries have benefitted from the symbiotic relationship with each other. Online bingo has sparked an interest in live bingo among young players. In fact Rank Group, one of Britain’s largest live bingo operators is planning to refurbish several bingo halls and will be bringing in live entertainment to attract younger players. Bingo is a very social form of gambling and bingo sites have gone to great lengths to provide players with plenty of opportunities to socialize with friends while playing. No matter whether its live or online bingo the game is bringing people together in greater numbers.