Is Internet Bingo Safe?

The internet is a wonderful invention. The internet has dramatically changed the way most people go about their everyday lives. People shop on the internet, read books, gather news and information, watch movies and access various entertainment venues. For bingo players the internet has been a real blessing and players who cannot attend live bingo games for whatever reason can now go online and play to their hearts content. The internet is not without its own dangers. There are hackers out there just waiting to steal personal information for the purpose of identity theft. There are plenty of viruses and computer Trojans just waiting to hijack computers. Malware distributors have been busy creating all kind of programs designed to wreak havoc on the unwary. This leads many bingo players to ask the question:


Is Internet Bingo Safe?

The quick answer to the question is yes it is safe to play internet bingo, but players should still be cautious. Players need to be picky when choosing a bingo site to play at. Players at reputable bingo sites need have no fear especially if the site is licensed by a regulatory body located in the UK or Europe. In these countries the internet gambling laws are very strict and the software is tested for fairness.  In the online bingo business reputation is everything. Rogue bingo sites do not last long but unfortunately in some cases they have already done considerable damage before they are found out. Rogue sites are easily avoided. There are several player forums and sites like Casinomeister that monitor the online gaming industry. Players should thoroughly research any site they are considering, and read our advice about staying safe online.


Internet Bingo and SSL

Many players are concerned about the security of financial transactions. This is a very legitimate concern because bingo players are providing the provider with personal banking information and other personal details. The fact is that for years bingo sites have stored millions of bank account numbers and other information without one security breach. Most internet bingo sites and networks use Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology to keep player information safe. SSL is a data encryption program that garbles the information during a data transfer. The information can only be decoded at the other end of the transaction. Bingo providers have invested heavily in state of the art security software and the industry’s record speaks for itself.  Players that use reliable online payment methods such as PayPal have an added layer of protection.

Is internet bingo safe? The answer is a resounding yes!