Lack of Wagering Requirements Costs Internet Bingo Operator Big Bucks

Generally online bingo games operate smoothly with a minimum of problems. Bingo software is tested by the manufacturer and some regulatory bodies in several licensing jurisdictions. Testing the software powering the games ensures a smooth playing experience for players. There are occasional problems, like when an Austrian casino refused to payout a $65 million slot win earlier this year, but these are usually dealt with very quickly. Internet bingo operators are in business to make money and if games do not operate as they’re supposed to they lose money. Human error is sometimes a factor behind bingo glitches. In the case of one major bingo operator human error ended up costing the site thousands of pounds.

Caesar’s Bonus Fiasco

Caesar’s is a well known brand in the gaming industry. Caesar’s is owned by Gaming giant Harrah’s and operates casinos worldwide. Although Caesar’s bingo is not allowed to offer games to US residents they have entered the lucrative UK bingo market. About a year ago Caesar’s opened an internet bingo site using the respected Gamesys software platform. Gamesys software powers several major bingo sites in the UK but a recent glitch in Caesar’s system caused thousands of pounds to be paid out in error.

Apparently the software was not a fault. Caesar’s website allowed players to wager bonus money and accumulate tens of thousands of pounds before the error was noticed and fixed. As it turned out one of the most common bingo promotions was at fault-the welcome bingo deposit bonus. Caesar’s initial deposit bonus offered players a 200% bonus on deposits up to £400 pounds. As an example if a player deposits £10 then £30 will be credited to their account. At most internet bingo sites these offers are constructed so that stringent wagering requirements must be met before any withdrawals can take place.

Always Read the Terms & Conditions

Unfortunately someone at Caesar’s forgot to include wagering requirements giving players an opportunity to take home some serious cash. Players were depositing, winning and withdrawing the money. Since there were no wagering requirements players could pretty much do what they wanted with their bonus money. Players caught on to the mistake quickly and Caesar’s finally corrected the oversight. Some player accounts have been suspended but since no real fraud was involved Caesar’s has paid most of the players involved. Fraud can be defined by something as simple as opening multiple accounts. Potential internet bingo operators would do well to read about the expensive glitch as Caesar’s when establishing their wagering requirements for deposit bonuses.