London Riots Affecting Gaming Industry

By now it’s no secret to anyone that Great Britain is experiencing the worse riots since the 1980’s. The destruction wreaked by the unruly crowd has been appalling. People have been robbed, beaten and stripped in the streets and the destruction will probably be in the millions of pounds. The riots started after a thug wanted by the police pointed a firearm at officers who responded with appropriate measures. The first riots took place in Tottenham, a section of London. Mayor of London Boris Johnson said: “I’m appalled at the scenes of violence and destruction in Tottenham. The Acting Commissioner has assured me that the police are doing everything they can to resolve this situation.”


Betfred & Ladbrokes affected

The riots quickly spread to Liverpool and Manchester. Businesses in all three cities were affected by the mob’s wanton destruction and looting. In London the land based gaming industry has been adversely affected by the riots. Bookmaking giants Betfred and Ladbrokes reported extensive damage to several of their bookmaking shops. In a statement Ladbrokes said that 20 of their betting shops have been affected by vandalism and robbery. The statement also said that 40 betting shops will be shut down in the interest of customer and employee safety. All of the cash and valuables will be removed from the closed shops.


Fighting Back Against the Rioters

Ladbrokes employees installed a series of high tech surveillance cameras and they are sharing their razor sharp images of rioters with police and other appropriate agencies. Richard Royal, who is a Ladbroke’s public affairs manager, said that it is a shame to see a tiny minority of people causing so much trouble and destruction. He added that the riots will cost the company millions in lost business. In some areas of London bingo halls report diminished attendance because of the riots. Players fear for their safety and are staying home until the civil unrest is under control.


Migrating to Online Bingo

Some internet bingo sites report an increase in the number of players participating in online bingo games. Online bingo players do not have to venture out into dangerous streets to get to a local bingo hall which may or may not be open. Many bingo news sites have been following developments in the UK and can provide up to date information about which areas are safe and which ones are not safe. Internet bingo players can play from the safety and privacy from home. Hopefully the civil unrest will soon cease and life will return to normal again.