Slow Online Gaming Payments Examined

Many online bingo players know only too well how ling withdrawals can take at some bingo sites. Some players have complained about unnecessary delays when withdrawing their bingo winnings. In most cases when players deposit money in their bingo accounts the amount is debited from their accounts instantly. In an age of instant financial transactions many bingo players are wondering why withdrawals are so slow. Some industry observers feel that in many cases players are being exploited.  According to one bingo news source one unfortunate player at a well known site had to wait for two years for her money.

Land-Based Bingo vs. Online Bingo

Players at land based gambling venues are usually paid their winnings instantly and in cash. For large amounts a check or bank credit may be issued. Usually large gaming transactions are done within 24 hours. It would appear that some online gaming operators see withdrawals as a secondary money making operation and many have strategies in place to get much of the winnings back. At most bingo sites players must meet strict wagering requirements before any withdrawals can be made. At some sites players must wager 40 times the combined value of a deposit and deposit bonus before any withdrawals can be made. Generally bonus offers are structures so that they player will lose money or break even at best.

Withdrawal Rules

Oftentimes players will be required to make withdrawals at certain days and times. At some bingo sites withdrawals are limited to one or two days a week. Players making a withdrawal may also lose any bonus funds remaining in their accounts. Usually players must wait days or even weeks before the withdrawal is processed and sent. Most observers believe that the reason gaming operators do not process withdrawals instantly is because they hope the player will spend more money while they are waiting for their withdrawal. According to some bingo news sources some sites have onerous withdrawal requirements designed to make it as difficult as possible for players to retrieve their bingo winnings.

At one gaming forum one harried bingo player related her experience trying to make a withdrawal. All of the wagering requirements had been met and no free bingo bonuses were involved. She had to send the operator copies of her passport and drivers license four times, and each time the site rejected the documents for the flimsiest of reasons. She ended up being banned and although they refunded what was left in her account her rightful winnings were never received.

Potential players should always research any sites they are planning to play at, and always read the terms and conditions in case you need to settle a bingo complaint. There are many bingo reviews online where players can read about the experiences of others and get a good idea of what the withdrawal policies are. In today’s world of instant transactions, it is unacceptable that instant withdrawals cannot be made at many online bingo and gaming sites.