UK Bingo Operator to Add 1,400 New Jobs

According to many bingo news sources, the internet bingo industry has successfully resisted the global recession, and is actually creating new jobs – continuing the gaming figure growth we reported in May. Internet bingo has exceeded all expectations and is now a $2 billion dollar a year industry and is the fastest growing sector of the online gaming industry. The future looks bright for the internet bingo industry and new mobile applications available to bingo players are expected to drive industry growth well into 2012. In 2008 the financial experts at Bloomberg published an article that quoted one bingo expert as saying “So there is some sign that the economy is having an effect on online bingo. But I would prefer to say that while it may not be recession-proof, those sort of growth numbers suggest it seems to be recession- resistant.”

The Rank Group Announces Expansion

The resistance to recession has continued, especially in the UK which is the world’s largest bingo market. Recently the Rank Group, which operates Mecca Bingo halls (which recently started offering smokers hand held devices) and Grosvenor casinos emerged from a takeover by Malaysia based Guoco and announced expansion plans. The Rank Group announced plans to add 1,400 additional staff as part of its expansion plans. The recruitment initiative will take place over the next three years as part of Rank’s plan to expand its substantial casino portfolio. Rank hopes to have 45 casinos operating by 2015. Thirty of the casinos will be new Grosvenor casinos. The new casinos will be located in Stockton-on-Tees, Manchester and New Brighton in Merseyside. One old casino in Kensington will be closed.

New Casino Variety

The new casinos will offer players poker rooms, electronic games, bars and restaurants and table games. The new casinos will be designed to attract a younger group of players and at some casinos live entertainment will be offered on weekends. The idea is to create a one stop entertainment complex geared towards today’s modern clientele. Rank Group also operated the Mecca internet bingo site. Although no new plans for the Mecca site have been announced some bingo news sources expect changes. Mecca bingo has gotten consistently good bingo reviews and was launched in 2010. Several land based bingo operators launched internet bingo sites to remain profitable after the smoking ban decimated bingo halls across the UK. Mecca designed their website based on customer feedback to provide players with a customer friendly bingo experience. It now appears that internet bingo is an ingrained part of the UK economy.