UK Bingo Winner Devoured by Pig

Generally bingo games are exciting events for players. Most bingo games go off without a hitch and generally most players at bingo halls arrive and depart without any problems. In the UK Muriel Hattersley would go to her regular Wednesday bingo games at the Nirvana Big Prize bingo hall near Crewe, Cheshire. The bingo hall is about one mile from her home. Despite the concerns of her family the feisty 84 year old grandmother of 11 insisted on taking a country stroll after her bingo games to get some exercise and fresh air.

After a relatively lucky night at the bingo hall Muriel’s luck ran out after she decided to cross a farmer’s filed during her evening stroll. With the £30 pounds she won playing bingo Hattersly cut across the field but stumbled on a tree root and was knocked out as she hit the ground. Unfortunately there was a male pig wandering in the same field. Unconscious but still alive the pig decided to make a meal of Hattersley. Her grisly remains were found by farm workers who immediately called police.

Daughter Janet Wilson, 50, who remains distraught about her mother’s fate, helped to identify the remains. Wilson told reporters “Mum insisted on walking home from the bingo. We were worried she’d be mugged but she said she lived on the outskirts of town, countryside really, and she’d be safe. Nobody likes to hear that their mum has been eaten by a pig, let alone eaten alive by a pig. It’s horrible.” Biologically Pigs are omnivores and pigs in captivity generally exist on a diet of soybean meal and corn. In the past pigs have eaten other pigs and the occasional human. Commenting on the bizarre event farmer Kelvin Dixon stated “We have all sorts traipsing over the fields at all hours. I’ll have to have Arthur destroyed now, as he’s got a taste for human flesh. Shame… he’s a good pig.”

This tragedy is probably one of the most bizarre bingo related events in decades. There have also been cases of winning bingo players being robbed as the left bingo halls with their winnings and in the UK several bingo halls have been robbed. Fortunately these types of events are rare. Internet bingo players do not face these dangers. Online bingo players can play from the privacy and comfort of home and do not have to venture out at night to local bingo halls. Hopefully this is an event that will never be repeated.