UK Firm Hopes to Market Bingo Software Globally

The UK is the world’s largest bingo market in the world and the game is considered an ingrained part of British culture. The British bingo market includes online bingo and it has been estimated that over three million UK residents play internet bingo regularly. Bingo is big business in the UK and provides employment for thousands. Software developers are an important part of the internet bingo industry. Software developers provide the platforms that run internet bingo games. In Norwich a company that specializes in the development of bingo software is hoping to go global after developing new bingo software.

New Bingo Software

The company, Silo 18, has spent the last 18 months developing the new bingo software. Businessman Mark Everett and his team hope to target the global bingo market with their new software. The new software was developed to support the X-bingo gaming platform originally created by Mandalay Gaming Holdings. Silo 18, based at the St Andrews Business Park on the edge of Norwich implemented a ‘beta testing’ period allowing players to test the software and report any problems or glitches. Players were also asked to suggest how the software could be improved by giving feedback on Facebook.

Mr. Everett, who has loved computers since he was a boy, stated “We had an open ‘Beta period’ which allowed people to use it in a ‘live’ environment. It’s a common way to test gaming products and meant we could use the feedback from customers to develop the user experience. It’s been really promising and we’ve had great feedback via Facebook. We have got a growth rate of 500 to 1,000 new players a day and we have more than 30,000 players on our database. We are not marketing it massively, but we are trying to add new features to the product to keep ahead of the competition.”

Targeting New Markets

Everett said that Mandalay co-founder Richard Skelhorn expressed frustrations with flagship product which led to the development of the new software. Looking into the future Everett said he would like to market his new product in Canada, Australia and Europe. Everett would also like to enter the US market and is hoping that anti gambling laws (like the UIGEA) will be changed. Everett stated “Then we are going to look at Australia and the European markets. But the key one for us is the US. People have been talking about legislative changes for a long time and we need to make sure we are ready.”