Banned By Cassava-Players Share Their Stories

According to one bingo news source several people have been banned by Cassava bingo. The problem emerged earlier in the year when it was alleged that Cassava was banning ‘unprofitable’ players. In July one bingo news source reported that they had heard from people who had been banned from Cassava powered bingo sites and networks. Cassava has accused several online bingo players of ‘bonus abuse’ which one writer called a sham. The banned players all have one thing in common; They have withdrawn winnings.

Cassava is one of the largest suppliers of internet bingo to the UK market which is the world’s largest. Since Cassava powered bingo sites are not licensed by the UK gambling commission the regulatory body is powerless to help. If the sites were licensed in the UK most likely the practices would be unacceptable to the gambling commission. One bingo news site pointed to serious failings in Cassava’s terms and conditions. Cassava is accused of the following:


  • They have withheld prize money won fairly by internet bingo players in the UK.
  • They have used spurious, vague and undefined terms and conditions to ban UK players who don’t spend their bingo winnings at the site they won at.
  • Abruptly cutting players off from their bingo friends with no warning and providing no way for players to contact their friends and tell them what happened.
  • One bingo news source accuses Cassava of promoting problem gambling. Evidently Cassava does not like players who win and withdraw their winnings. Cassava wants them to lose their winnings at the same site.
  • Cassava sites such as Costa and Cheeky Bingo are advertised as free bingo sites. If players play ‘too much’ free bingo and withdraw their winnings they are banned.

One bingo news site reported 71 complaints against Cassava powered sites. The total prize money being withheld by Cassava is about £83,758. ($130,854.30 USD) Here is a typical player complaint against Cassava;

A. B. Of Wymondham, May 2011
Reason given by Cassava for ban: Excessive free bingo use.
Money owed to player by Cassava: £65
“Suddenly banned for playing free games excessively even though I also paid for tickets. Just as I neared the 30.00 and went to withdraw it my accounts have been closed and I have not had winnings.”

There are literally dozens of legitimate complaints detailing a variety of abuses by Cassava. As has been mentioned Cassava is licensed offshore and is beyond the reach of UK regulators. That may change very soon. Several in Parliament have proposed that any gaming site accepting wagers from UK residents must have a UK gaming license. That would put a stop to the abuses quickly.