Bingo Stereotypes Destroyed

Everyone knows the typical bingo stereotype; a bunch of little old ladies sitting in a smoky bingo hall daubers in hand staring intently at the bingo cards in front of them. Unfortunately there are many who actually believe the stereotype is true when nothing could be further from the truth. In the UK bingo has become a part of British culture and has spawned a whole sub culture based on bingo. Bingo is popular with players of all ages and according to most bingo news sources internet bingo has created a new generation of online bingo players. In years past the jackpots for most bingo games were relatively small compared with other forms of gambling. This is no longer the case and there are several bingo millionaires created by the National Bingo Game in the UK.

It is hard to say exactly when the stereotype of bingo as a game for the elderly began. In the early days bingo had close connections with the Catholic Church. In fact the father of modern bingo, Edwin S. Lowe, was approached by a Catholic priest who was looking for an original way to raise funds for his parish. Soon bingo was played at parishes across the United States and Britain. In the 60’s and 70’s bingo’s popularity increased especially in the UK. At the time it was relatively rare to see young people at live bingo games and the stereotype became entrenched.

As time passed younger people turned to online gambling for entertainment and older people continued to play at land based bingo halls. Before the advent of online bingo many young people saw bingo as a boring game and considered the game ‘uncool.’ Because of prevailing attitudes young people avoided bingo halls furthering the stereotype. The creation of the first online bingo games in 1996 marked a turning point in the game’s history.

For the first time people were able to play bingo games in their own living rooms. During the first decade of the 21st century the online bingo industry rapidly expanded into a $2 billion dollar a year industry. Today there are over 400 online bingo sites in several languages. According to several bingo news sources bingo is the most popular leisure activity among women ages 18 to 25 in the UK. Online bingo has sparked a renewed interest in live bingo and today it is common to see young ladies attending live bingo games with their friends. Today bingo is a game played by all age groups.