Gibraltar Internet Gaming License Requirements

Gibraltar is a self governing British territory that is one of the premiere destinations for online gambling operators. Gibraltar is also a member of the European Union and according to the gambling act of 2005 all internet gambling operations in Gibraltar must obtain a license. In the past the licensing authority was the Gibraltar Regulatory Authority but that responsibility has been transferred to the Gambling Division of the Ministry of Finance. This is the current licensing authority in Gibraltar.

The small nation, located on the straits of Gibraltar, where the Atlantic meets the Mediterranean has a long history with gambling. The government only recently started to license internet bingo and gaming operations in 2005. Gibraltar licensing rules are extremely strict and only companies with an impeccable track record strand a chance of acquiring a Gibraltar gaming license. The official Government of Gibraltar states that Philip Bear is the Gambling Commissioner under the provisions of the Gambling Act of 2005. The Gibraltar licensing authority will only consider blue chip companies with a proven gaming track record. Companies licensed in Gibraltar include Ladbrokes, Eurobet, Bwin, St. Minver and many other prominent names in the internet gambling industry.

Gibraltar has very strict rules for advertising. All advertising must be truthful and accurate. Ads must be targeted at adult players and may not be designed to appeal to minors. Any websites used to promote or operate gaming activities cannot contain any links to with violent or immoral content or sites designed to appeal to minors. The advertising and promotion of gambling activities may only be directed to nations where internet gambling is legal and licensees are forbidden to provide illegal gambling services.

Gibraltar requires all internet gambling operators to be adequately capitalized and gaming operators must have adequate financing available to meet their prize payout obligations. In addition all licensees must have adequate capital to maintain operations and all licensees must pay winnings and account balances to players in accordance to agreements reached with players. Not paying players is one of the quickest ways to lose a coveted Gibraltar gaming license.

Gibraltar licensees are required to obtain basic information from players including; full name; residential address; and date of birth. Licensees must take measures to guard player information and privacy. Gibraltar gaming taxes are remarkably low. Internet bingo and gaming operators pay a 1% tax on gaming yield or gross profit. UK licensees pay about 15% or more in taxes. Some members of the UK Parliament are considering legislation that would require any online bingo or gaming site accepting wagers in the UK to obtain a UK gambling license and pay current tax rates.

Gibraltar has an extremely strong money laundering policy. All licensees are subject to the Gibraltar Criminal Justice Act and all other laws dealing with the issue of money laundering. Anti Money Laundering Guidelines published from time to time by the Gambling Commissioner of Gibraltar and may be read on the official government website. Gibraltar has some of the strongest gambling regulations of any licensing jurisdiction and players at any internet gambling site licensed in Gibraltar may be sure that all games are fair and honest and that their personal information will be protected.