Internet Bingo and Identity Theft

In today’s cyber world online security and safety are always a concern. Online bingo and gaming sites go to great lengths to monitor transactions and guard against identity theft. Identity theft is a serious crime and it can take victims years to re establish good credit and repair the damage done by identity thieves. Identity theft occurs when a hacker obtains passwords and personal information. Many websites are not safe and visiting the wrong website can result in spyware and keyloggers being installed on a victim’s computer. Keyloggers record every keystroke and once the victim types in personal information and passwords the hacker steals the information.

The prevalence of cyber crime has probably led many to ask; is online bingo safe? For the most part bingo is very safe. Most have software in place that makes it impossible for hackers to surreptitiously insert malware and other rogue software on the site. Internet bingo sites also use the latest encryption software to make sure all transactions are protected. The encryptions are constantly changed making it impossible for hackers to disrupt financial transactions. Encryption software is the first line of defense used by internet bingo operators.

Identity theft should be a concern of anyone who uses a computer. There are several countermeasures players can take against identity thieves. Players should never under any circumstances store passwords on their computer. While it may be convenient to store passwords it makes them accessible to hackers.  Players should write down their passwords and store them in a safe place. When making any transaction online make sure a secure server is used. Players should always keep their antivirus programs updated. There are several excellent free antivirus programs available. Never click on a link in an email from an unknown sender. Clicking on the wrong link can end up costing thousands of dollars. Players should be sure to use a firewall and a secure browser.

Players should be sure to place passwords on all credit cards, bank accounts and even utility and phone accounts and again passwords should never be stored. Do not use common passwords like mother’s maiden name, birthdays or social security numbers. All of these are very easy for a sophisticated hacker to guess. Internet bingo operators spend large amounts of money to protect players from identity theft but players must do their part and take their own precautions.