iPhone Games Cost British Employers £800 Million Annually

Bingo is one of the most popular games in the UK. In fact the game of bingo is an ingrained part of modern British culture and players range from 18 years old to centenarians. Bingo halls are packed even on weeknights and online bingo sites have experienced an 80% increase in player numbers during the past four years. The advent of mobile bingo has made bingo even more accessible and now players can log on to their favorite bingo sites from just about anywhere. Unfortunately players can now log on at work and according to bingo news sources workers are playing internet bingo and other games when they should be working.

According to one bingo news source Apple’s iPhone may be costing UK businesses as much as £800 million pounds ($1,265,546,800.63 USD) annually. 55% of all iPhone users who were surveyed by a popular mobile bingo provider admitted playing bingo and other bingo games during the workday. Workers spent an average of an hour every week playing games. Since there are 2,000,000 iPhone owners in the UK a total of 57 million working hours would be lost if all of the IPhone users spent one hour every week playing games. This is an astonishing loss of workplace productivity. In addition to bingo one of the most popular games is Rovio’s Angry Birds which has been downloaded 250 million times generating revenues in the tens of millions for Apple.

The most recent workplace survey comes on the heels of a similar survey that showed that civil servants in the UK spend a significant part of the workday surfing the net and playing games. Other popular places for playing iPhone games included pubs (28%) and public transportation (72%). IPhone users even take their phones into bathrooms to play. 28% admitted playing games while on the toilet and 17% said they play games while taking a bath!  Bathing players must be particularly careful because any contact with water instantly voids Apple’s warranty and destroys the phone.

The new technology has changed the way many people access games and entertainment. Every technological advance brings both good and bad. In this case it is clear that many players are violating workplace rules and are actually cheating their employers out of time and work they are paying for. In many offices getting caught playing games on the job is grounds for immediate termination. Hopefully most iPhone bingo players will forgo workplace games.