New Features at Internet Bingo Sites

The internet bingo industry has experienced steady growth throughout the global recession. Some financial experts have called online bingo ‘recession proof’ and one well known financial journal said that internet bingo companies are a good investment. Today there are about 400 internet bingo sites competing for the same pool of players. This has led to several new developments designed to enhance the internet bingo experience and attract and retain new players.

As the industry expands into new markets games are available in a variety of languages. The most common languages used by bingo sites are English, Spanish, French, Italian, and German. As the industry expands into new countries new languages are added. Many bingo sites offer games in two or even three languages. A few years ago all games were in English but the move into Scandinavia, Italy and Spain changed all that and new languages are added every year.

Internet bingo sites are offering bigger bonuses than ever. Bingo operators are constantly coming up with original bonus ideas. In the past most bonuses were geared towards attracting new players but bingo operators have finally realized the importance of play retention. Today most bingo sites offer players a variety of bonuses designed to keep players coming back. Cash back schemes have been very well received by players. In addition to cash back bonuses there are VIP programs and special bonuses for loyal players. Some sites give players a bonus if they send a player their way. Most internet bingo sites also offer players seasonal and holiday themed promotions and bonuses.

More bingo sites are offering free bingo games. Free bingo games are perfect for new players who can learn the game and check out all of the features at specific bingo sites. Many bingo sites provide players with a fixed amount of free bingo. Players usually are required to register and in most cases a deposit is not necessary to play the free bingo games.

Internet bingo operators are always trying to improve their games and software developers play a major role. Bingo sites are quick to adopt new technologies and features. New software enabled bingo operators to provide players with high quality games with crystal clear graphics and amazing animations and interactive features.

Bigger jackpots are another way bingo operators keep players coming back. In the past bingo jackpots were rather small when compared with those at poker sites and online casinos. This is no longer the case and jackpots of more than $100,000 are becoming common.