UK Bingo Halls Recover From Riots

The London riots earlier this year are now an unpleasant memory. The riots were costly and Nick Starling, a director at the Association of British Insurers estimated that the total cost of the London riots would be a staggering £100 million pounds. Stores were looted and most Londoners locked their doors and stayed at home away from the random violence. The riots started after a young thug pulled a gun on police and the police defended themselves and shot him. Instead of condemning the violent behavior local residents got angry with police and the riots quickly spread.

The riots spread to Birmingham and shopkeepers vowed to fight the rioters. For four days and nights riots took place in London, Birmingham and Liverpool. Just about any business was fair game for looters and mindless destruction. Bookmakers shops were looted and well known bookmakers Betfred and Ladbrokes reported extensive property damage. According to several bingo news sources bingo halls were impacted as players stayed home to avoid being physically attacked. After the riots Ladbrokes released a statement that said that 20 of their betting shops had been vandalized and robbed. The firm announced that they would close 40 shops in London until the riots were brought under control. Ladbroke’s public affairs manager, Richard Royal, said it was shocking to see how the violent actions of a tiny minority had affected the daily lives of law abiding citizens.

There were not many reports of trouble at local bingo halls. Bingo players with an internet connection were able to play bingo from the comfort and safety of home. In London, Birmingham and Liverpool land based bingo players stayed home to avoid the violence. In all three cities innocent pedestrians were physically assaulted so it should come as no surprise that law abiding bingo players stayed home. Bingo fanatics could still play online bingo games and for many players internet bingo was the best option during the riots.

Thankfully the police finally restored order but the effects of the riots still linger. People are distrustful of certain groups and for some businessmen who lost all they had the wounds will linger for years. Once again it is safe to walk the streets in most parts of London, Birmingham and Liverpool. Hopefully things will stay that way and bingo players can safely venture out to their favorite bingo halls.