Bingo Games Help Pensioners Learn About Distraction Burglaries

In the UK, bingo halls have been a popular gathering place for pensioners since the postwar years. According to the latest estimates from bingo news sources there are about three million regular bingo players in the United Kingdom. Many live bingo halls host special games to raise money for various good causes. UK based charities such as the Sue Ryder Charity and the Marie Curie organization have been the beneficiaries of bingo games for years. In addition to charitable work several live bingo halls in the UK have been involved in educational programs and projects.

Earlier this year UK bingo giant Mecca hosted a series of education sessions to teach computer skills to seniors and others lacking in computer skills. The sessions were hosted at several Mecca bingo halls throughout the country as part of a government program designed to promote computer literacy. The goal of the program is to make most UK residents computer savvy by 2012. Mecca may have had a little self interest in mind since they operate one of the most popular internet bingo sites in the UK. Chances are that the program did create some new internet bingo players.

At the Mecca bingo hall in Breightmet, Bolton a special game session has been planned to help warn pensioners about distraction burglaries. Recently there have been several such burglaries in the area and the program is designed to help pensioners learn the characteristics of distraction burglaries to prevent them from becoming victims. The special bingo session will give law enforcement the opportunity to address a large number of pensioners at the same time. Authorities’ hope that those in attendance will help spread the word about these vicious crimes.

In Bolton the local newspaper reported that so far this year they have investigated 34 distraction burglaries. Law enforcement officials estimate that about £20,000 worth of cash has been stolen from elderly victims. Distraction burglary is defined as any crime where a falsehood, trick or distraction is used to gain access to a property to commit burglary. According to UK Crimestoppers the average victim of a distraction burglary is 81 years old. In addition to the information to be presented at the special bingo game session those interested may find more information about distraction burglaries and how to prevent them at the UK Crimestoppers website. In the UK bingo has a long history of supporting good causes and this is just the latest example of how bingo can be put to good use.