Bingo Hall Etiquette 101

In the early days of online bingo most players were already familiar with the game from playing at local bingo halls and churches. Everyone knew bingo hall etiquette and what was expected of them. Today there is a whole new generation that learned the game online and have never set foot in a land based bingo hall. While they may be familiar with the etiquette at internet bingo halls they are not familiar with behavioral standards at land based bingo halls. Here are a few tips for those new to land based bingo.

According to several bingo news sources most bingo halls require players to be 18 years old. If alcohol is served players must be 21 to enter the bingo hall. Trying to sneak into the games or using a fake ID will most likely get you kicked out and banned.

In most of today’s bingo halls smoking is banned. In the UK there is a national smoking ban in place with heavy penalties for those who get caught smoking in a bingo hall. In the old days smoking and bingo went hand in hand but times have changed along with views about smoking. When the smoking ban was imposed in 2007 several bingo halls were forced to close because smokers stayed away. A survey showed that 63% of all bingo players were smokers. If you are a smoker and can’t make it through a game session without smoking you should stick to internet bingo.

Most bingo halls take a dim view of those who just want to watch the games. You should come prepared to play. If you are learning the game from a friend watching may be acceptable. In a crowded bingo hall where seats are at a premium you may be asked to leave if you are not playing.

While winning a huge bingo jackpot may be exciting most bingo halls frown on loud and wild celebrations. Losers are expected to display civility and sportsmanship.

At most bingo halls’ bringing in outside food and drinks is frowned upon. Many bingo halls make money selling snacks and drinks. Many depend on the extra money generated by the sale of food and drinks for their survival.

Unlike internet bingo where people are encouraged to talk in chat rooms talking is strongly discouraged during games. Loud conversations can keep other players from hearing the numbers as they are called. If you engage in loud conversations most likely you will be asked to leave. Leave your iPod at home. Some people have a habit of playing their iPod so loud that others can hear it. If you are disturbing other players you will be asked to leave.

Certain standards of behavior are expected at most bingo halls. Use common sense and show courtesy to other players and you will be just fine.