Bingo Myths and Superstitions Revealed

Gamblers are notoriously superstitious so it should come as no surprise that many internet and land based bingo players indulge in various practices that they believe will bring them good luck. Anyone who has ever visited a bingo hall has seen tables full of players with various colorful items in front of them. Many believe that these trinkets and charms will give them an advantage over their fellow players. Superstitious players make bingo games more interesting and entertaining and here are a few of the most common superstitions among bingo players.

Players who carry trinkets, charms and talismans are the easiest to identify as superstitious. These players actually believe that a troll doll or a lucky pair of socks will give them an advantage. For some reason troll dolls and lucky daubers are the most popular good luck charms. At one bingo hall one woman placed pictures of her children in front of her to bring good luck. Many players believe in the old fashioned rabbit’s foot for good luck. The lucky rabbit’s foot is probably the most well known good luck charm of all. Astounding numbers of rabbit’s feet are sold every year at Las Vegas casino gift shops. There are some very strange legends connected with lucky rabbit’s feet. According to an old legend a truly lucky rabbit’s foot must come from a rabbit shot in a graveyard on Friday the 13th. In addition the rabbit’s foot must be from the left hind leg. These requirements make the acquisition of a truly lucky Rabbit’s foot impossible to obtain.

Many online bingo players and land based players believe in lucky card patterns. Some players believe that if a certain pattern is on their card they stand a better chance of winning. There is no scientific way to prove the existence of lucky patterns but many players still look for visual or numerical patterns when selecting their bingo cards. Some psychologists say that if players notice a pattern several times they may develop a belief that the pattern is a lucky one.

Many internet bingo players believe that a positive attitude will bring them good luck. Of all the bingo superstitions this one seems the most logical. Many players believe that by thinking positive thoughts during a game the outcome can be influenced. Positive mental attitude has been preached by experts in several fields. Businesses hold seminars to teach employees the virtues of having a positive mental attitude. While many players take their superstitions seriously other players say that superstitious players make bingo more entertaining.