Bingo Operators Spending Millions on Television Ads

The United Kingdom is now the world’s largest internet bingo market in the world. Bingo has been an integral part of British culture since the postwar years.  Since 2007 the internet bingo industry has experienced rapid growth and expansion into new markets. The internet bingo industry has created thousands of living wage jobs and has also created new jobs in the advertising and marketing industries. Internet bingo operators spend millions of pounds each year on expensive television advertising. In fact many people say that there is hardly a commercial break without at least one advertisement for internet bingo.

ITV is a commercial television network in the UK and was launched in 1955 to provide competition to the BBC. ITV has been one of the chief beneficiaries of the internet bingo industry. Online bingo operators have spent millions for ITV ads. Currently the most internet bingo ads are the most common on ITV. Most of the major internet bingo brands advertise on ITV including Foxy bingo, Jackpotjoy, Wink bingo, Virgin bingo and Tombola. Some of the major bingo brands have released financial information that shows that the competition between bingo operators is higher than ever and that most are engaged in high budget marketing campaigns.

Some major internet bingo operators have sponsored several shows on ITV. The popular show Emmerdale is sponsored by Tombola, the Jeremy Kyle show is sponsored by Foxy bingo and wink bingo is sponsoring the hit reality show The Only Way is Essex. (TOWIE) Wonder Bingo is new to television advertising and is sponsoring the Alan Titchmarsh Show. Generally internet bingo operators cut back on advertising in the summer as players abandon bingo games in favor of outdoor activities. Once fall arrives and school is in session bingo operators ramp up their advertising budgets. High priced television ads are much less effective in the summer because most players are on holiday or enjoying the nice weather outside.

In addition to television advertising internet bingo operators are making good use of the internet and social networking sites to promote their games and products. Facebook recently relaxed its ban on gambling advertising and bingo operators can now advertise on Facebook with ads targeted at countries where online gambling is legal. Most bingo operators have Facebook fan pages and advertise their latest bingo bonuses and promotions. Internet advertising is much less expensive than television and other media ads and can be just as effective. Most bingo operators have found that a combination of television and internet advertising are the most effective ways to attract players.