Internet Bingo Networks 101

There are two types of internet bingo sites; those that are part of a larger network of bingo sites and standalone bingo sites. Bingo fans that play at several sites are sometimes surprised when they sign up at a new bingo site and find the site uses the exact same software as other sites they have played at. This is becoming more common as investors launch new online bingo sites within an established network. Internet bingo networks offer a turnkey solution for those who want to launch a new bingo site. Internet bingo networks enable people to come together and share resources. Jackpots at networked bingo sites can be much higher than those at standalone sites.  Since bingo networks share the same pool of players’ networks make it possible for new bingo sites to be profitable in a short amount of time.

Just what is an internet bingo network? Simply put an internet bingo network is a group of bingo sites that have pooled their player database and prize money using software and services from a central location. Since the jackpot is usually determined by the number of players in any individual bingo games it is easy to see why bingo networks can offer bigger prizes. For example if there are three sites in a network and there are 10 players in a particular bingo game at each site the prize pool will be determined by 30 players. At standalone sites the prize would be determined by 10 players at each standalone site. Internet bingo networks benefit players and operators thanks to shared resources. New sites have immediate access to the networks player database eliminating a lot of initial marketing expenses.

Many networks use a specific brand of software. Some of the most well known software suppliers include Virtue Fusion and Global.com. Other networks such as St. Minver partner with a third parties such as Parlay to provide network software. There is nothing wrong with bingo sites being part of a network. In some networks each sites has an individual feel and most players are unaware they are part of a network. As has been mentioned internet bingo networks with a quick efficient way of getting a site up and running in a short period of time. It allows smaller operations to become part of a larger network and provides opportunities for growth. Networks are an important part of the internet bingo industry and provide clear benefits for players and operators.