Non Drivers a Problem For William Hill Car Giveaway Promotion

In addition to cash prizes online bingo sites offer players branded merchandise, luxury vacations, concert tickets and new cars. According to several bingo news sources one popular online bingo operator is having some unusual problems with their latest promotion. William Hiss is currently running their ‘car a day’ giveaway program. William Hill planned to give away a new car every day in October to players that had their names randomly selected in a daily prize draw. Prize draw entries for the giveaway are determined by the player’s amount of play the day before the drawing.  The popular online bingo site has 31 Fiat Panda’s and 500’s to give away to some very lucky players.

Almost immediately some unexpected problems arose. Three out of the first four winners could not drive. The first presentation to a prize winner went smoothly. Snooker player and commentator John Parrot presented the first car to a lady in Merseyside. Some gambling statistics show that Scots are the unluckiest people in the UK but the next three winners were all from north of the border in Scotland. Unfortunately none of the three winners could drive and did not have driver’s licenses.

Mary McGuigan from Angus, the first winner has never been behind the wheel of a car and since she is 61 it is highly unlikely that she will take driving lessons. Elizabeth Shearer, the second winner, is from Rutherglen, near Glasgow. She had never learned to drive but winning a car inspired her to send off for a provisional license. The third winner, Laura Campbell, is also from the Glasgow area and told bingo news sources that she had failed her driver’s exam three times. Campbell plans on making another attempt to obtain a license.

The three non drivers left executives at William Hill at a loss on how to continue the promotion. A spokesman for William Hill told reporters “There were meetings at the highest level and they talked about pulling the promotion. It caused absolute chaos, with changes having to be made to the drive away insurance policies, substituting the winners’ names with those of their partners. When Laura said she’d failed her test three times, we were pulling our hair out. But it was decided to plough ahead as all the cars had been purchased, flyers put out, the posters up, adverts in place, a celebrity booked to front the campaign and a survey about luck commissioned.”

The promotion will continue and the unnamed spokesman said “You couldn’t make it up – fortunately the next two winners we notified did drive, so the promotion is still on the road and we plan to hand out the remaining 20-plus cars until Halloween.”