Play Slingo For Fast Paced Fun !

Slingo is a popular game that is essentially a fusion of slots and bingo. The original game was created by Slingo Inc. in 1995. The first slingo games were released as a five reel slot game. In a typical slingo game players have 20 chances to ‘spin’ the numbers below their bingo cards. Five numbers appear on the reels and if they are on the bingo card they can be marked off. In addition to numbers other special symbols can show up in the number spots below the bingo card.

Jokers are wild and may be used to mark off any number in the column where the joker appears. A joker in the center column can become a super joker and may be used anywhere on the card. Devils are another game symbol that will appear during a slingo game. If a devil appears instead of a number the player’s score if slashed in half. The cherub is another symbol and if a cherub appears and can cancel the effects of the devil by shooting him with an arrow.

Other special items in slingo games include coins and free spins. Coins give automatic points to the player and free spins. Slingo games require players to purchase the last four spins of the game using accumulated points. Slingo players can use accumulated free spins in place of the imposed fee for the last four spins. There is a time limit imposed on slingo spins. Players can lose spins if they do not start them within a certain time limit. In addition if a player fails to mark all of their jokers and numbers within the set time limit the numbers and jokers are lost. Slingo players must stay on their toes to be successful at the game. The player with the maximum number of points at the end of the game is declared the winner.

Slingo is a multiplayer game but some gaming sites offer a single player version of the game. Many internet bingo sites offer slingo as a side game and the game is also available at many online casinos. Some bingo news sources have reported that slingo is gaining in popularity especially in the UK and Europe. There are large numbers of online slingo games available for free downloading. Slingo combines the fast paced game of bingo with exciting online slot action to provide players with one of the most entertaining games online.