Television Advertising Vital For Internet Bingo Sites

In the internet bingo industry marketing has become extremely important. To remain successful and profitable internet bingo operators must create and maintain brand awareness among the millions of internet bingo players. Most major bingo brands use several marketing strategies and many have in house internet marketing specialists and search optimization experts. In the UK experience has shown the importance of television advertising. According to one major bingo news source a good advertising campaign can increase traffic by as much as 65%.

65% is a big increase and is probably why most major UK bingo brands have spent millions of pounds on television advertising and show sponsorship. There is hardly a commercial break without at least one advertisement for an internet bingo brand. Since women comprise a majority of online bingo players some major brands have sponsored television shows that appeal to women. Since the UK relaxed its guidelines on advertising related to gambling the internet bingo industry has taken full advantage of the recent changes.

One of the first internet bingo operators to advertise on television was Foxy Bingo and its fox character is now a well known icon to British television viewers. Since them new and established internet bingo operators have realized the importance of television advertising. Bet365bingo realized the importance of a good television advertising campaign and came up with the well received bet365 Bingo Heads campaign. The campaign was so successful that most people now connect any reference to a ‘bingohead’ to bet365. Many new industry players are spending part of limited marketing budgets on television ads. Industry experts say that in the UK television advertising is very effective for internet bingo sites and can create an overnight increase in traffic. Many bingo sites have employed well known celebrities to promote their brands but this strategy can be very expensive.

Not every bingo operator can afford to advertise on television. Many are using traditional methods to promote their brands. Generous welcome bonuses have always been popular with players. Creative promotions and bingo bonuses designed to give players added value for their money have been particularly in the past. Free bingo games are also a popular marketing strategy especially if players can win big prizes playing free games. Some new bingo brands have coordinated television to coincide with the launch of their new bingo site. Major bingo operators have realized that they cannot rely on the same old ads and must constantly come up with new creative material. This development has made the advertising industry very happy.