Tips For Recognizing a Phishing Attempt

Earlier in the year several internet bingo players reported that they had received phishing emails disguised as a legitimate email from an internet bingo site. For those that don’t know phishing is an attempt to acquire sensitive information such as passwords, usernames, credit card and financial details. Phishermen masquerade as legitimate online entities to deceive the victim. Fraudsters create fake websites that look much like their legitimate counterparts. Most phishing is done via email and millions have been tricked by fraudsters posing as legitimate websites and businesses.

Last April several players reported phishing emails claiming to be from a popular internet bingo site. After some investigation it was determined that the emails were fake and were part of an online scam designed to trick players into giving personal information through an ‘email update.’ In addition to stealing financial and credit card information scammers also use phishing techniques for identity theft. Here are a few tips to help internet bingo players to recognize phishing attempts and guard against having personal information compromised.

Phishing emails always ask for information. Although the email may look like it came from a legitimate bingo site the email will usually ask for certain information. Scammers try to trick players into clicking on links contained in the ‘email update.’ A reputable internet bingo site would never ask players to go to a separate website to update personal and account information. Emails asking players to enter credit card information are a dead giveaway. A legitimate online bingo site would ask players to log in to their personal accounts which are password protected in most cases. Occasionally sophisticated hackers will create a web page that looks identical to the original. Players receiving suspicious emails should contact their internet bingo provider to make sure the email is legitimate. They should also save the URL that the email came from and report it to the proper authorities.

Players should never log in to any bingo site via an email link. Do not click on any links and forward it to the customer service department of your onlnie bingo provider. Always log on to your bingo site and use the player account dashboard to update any information.

Always contact customer service and forward any suspicious emails. Spoofing a website is easy for cyber criminals and players could easily be deceived by a well constructed fake website. Customer service needs to know about fake emails so they can take action to protect other players. Unfortunately there are those that would rather steal than work honestly for a living. By following a few simple procedures players can protect themselves against cyber thieves.