Free Bingo Bonuses Guide

This one is catered for all you who play Online Bingo UK, we think, you’re going to love these tips on how to improve your chances at claiming tons of Bingo!

These tips are brought to you by Paul who is a bingo expert and manages Bingo HQ online community. So listen up ladies, these are some brilliant tips to help you get the most out of your bingo online experience.

Be Wary of Free Bonuses

Everyone loves a freebie and this is no different when you play bingo games online. If you’re currently playing online, you surely have been bombarded with various free offers from leading brands. Some of these sites offer no deposit bingo offers and free bingo bonuses. Here’s what you need to know about these two offers …

No Deposit Bingo Offers

A no deposit bingo offer gives you an opportunity to test try a site without making an initial deposit. So if you just want to get a feel for the games without making a deposit, this is a brilliant way to test try a site risk free. But, and we mean a big BUT – if you win a jackpot or prize while playing using credits from a no deposit bingo offer, you will NOT be able to cash out the prize winnings. 

Every bingo site has a policy that states, a deposit must have been made prior to any winnings and any winnings derived from a free bonus are not eligible for a withdrawal. You’d be surprised how many newbies to the world of online bingo have a disappointing experience because they didn’t know about this policy. 

Free Matching Bonus Offers

The other bonus that is commonly offered to newbies, is what is known a deposit matching bonus. All bingo sites will offer this to you at different bonus figures. It can range as low as 100% matching to as high as 400% free bonus.

These bonuses work as follow: 

You make an initial deposit i.e. £10

Then, the site based on their free matching bonus will give you a matching bonus

So a £10 deposit at a site with a 200% free offer, will give you £30 credit (£10 your deposit + £20 free from the 200% bonus)

Not only do you get to extend your playtime and odds but you instantly qualify for cash withdrawals because you’ve made an initial deposit. 

To further maximize your odds and chances at winning tons of bingo online, you may want to use this strategy in your favour.

Instead of playing your no deposit bingo offer, follow these steps:

Sign up at the site you wish to play on

Receive your no deposit bingo BUT don’t play any games

Immediately make an initial deposit of £5 to £20 

Receive a free matching bonus

Now, you even have a bigger purse to play with and you can qualify for your any winnings because you made an initial deposit.