Internet Bingo Boosted by Mobile Technology

Cell phones revolutionized telecommunications and people no longer have to look for a phone when they want to make a call. Today’s smart phones offer users a wide range of capabilities. When Apple’s iPhone hit the market the new technology quickly gathered a loyal following especially among the young. In short order other manufacturers developed and marketed their own smart phones. The newest smart phones have amazing features. In addition to making calls and sending text messages smart phones offer easy access to social networking sites, internet access and varied forms of entertainment. One of the most popular uses for smart phones is internet gambling.

Most of the major internet bingo brands have launched smart phone applications with great success. Smart phones enable people to access a wide variety of entertainment no matter where they may happen to be. It is not uncommon to see people playing games, watching movies and videos, checking emails and using the wide range of options available to users. Gaming applications are easily downloaded in a matter of minutes. Gaming applications are among the most popular apps for smart phones. The internet bingo industry is investing heavily in the new technology and industry experts say that mobile bingo will drive industry growth in the near future.

Internet bingo companies that have launched smart phone apps have reported astounding growth. Gaming giant Rank Group reported a 28% jump in interactive revenues during a ten week period. Rank launched smart phone apps for Mecca Bingo and Blue Square. It should come as no surprise that gaming apps for smart phones have become more popular. Although bingo is commonly associated with older players most mobile bingo players are young and relatively affluent. Gambling statistics in the UK show that most internet and mobile bingo players are under the age of 40 and one survey showed that bingo is the most popular leisure activity for women from 18 to 30.

Breon Corcoran, Paddy Power’s chief operating officer, provided even more evidence of mobile bingo’s popularity. Corcoran spoke at Google’s Think Mobile conference in London and said that about 55% of their customers owned smart phones and about 34% are using their smart phones to play Paddy Power’s games. During 2010 the company’s revenues from mobile gaming increased by an astounding 300%. Corcoran also said that user growth rose from 10,000 users to 50,000 by January of 2011. Industry experts say that recent figures show that the future for mobile bingo is very bright. Internet bingo operators offering mobile apps are experiencing a surge in players and are attracting a new generation of bingo players worldwide.