What Not To Do While Playing Internet Bingo

Some people think that because of the anonymity provided by the internet they can engage in any sort of behavior. People say things they would never consider saying in person. People will make rude or insulting comments and generally these types of people are not welcome at most places on the internet. Internet bingo sites are no exception and most players are polite and civil and have a low tolerance for impolite or vulgar behavior. Believe it or not online bingo has its own etiquette which is easily learned. Here are a few things players should avoid while playing bingo online.

Bingo chat rooms are notoriously forgiving of misspellings, grammatical and punctuation mistakes. Some people feel compelled to serve as the ‘grammar police’ and will point out the slightest mistakes in an insulting demeaning manner. Don’t be that person or you may find yourself getting kicked out of chat room after chat room. If you have nothing better to do than nitpick every slight mistake it would probably be better for everyone if you stayed out of the chat rooms.

You should never parrot numbers. Everyone is already well aware of the numbers that have been called and they don’t need to hear them twice. In fact most people will be using auto daub so they really don’t have to listen to the numbers being called.

Do not parrot what others are saying. It is extremely irritating and childish. If you want to be treated like an adult you will have to act like one. Repeating what another player is saying is a good way to anger the other players and it could get you kicked out of the chat room. Always remember; what the chat leader says is law!

Trash talking is highly unlikely to win you any friends. Internet bingo players are a gregarious lot and are not highly competitive sharks like poker players. Most people are playing bingo to have fun and do not want to hear trash talk. If you feel you must trash take you are playing the wrong game. Trash talking other players can get you flagged for abuse and chat leaders take a very dim view of trash talking.

Don’t be a sore loser. Most bingo players could care less if they win or lose and are playing to have fun and socialize with other players. Being a sore loser and flaunting you winnings are not likely to win you any friends. Most players congratulate others when they win and you should follow their lead.