Woman Steals Big Bucks To Fund Bingo Addiction

Generally bingo players are a law abiding lot which is why any crime committed by a bingo players usually receives media attention. Most people associate bingo with churches and charities and many still think of most bingo players as little old ladies and pensioners. While that stereotype may hold true for many live bingo halls online bingo players tend to be young females 18 to 45. In the UK a caregiver who stole £42,000 ($67,688.72 USD) from a frail 65 year old man has been sentenced to 15 months in jail. The woman used the money to feed her addiction to bingo.

61 year old Dawn Kyle became addicted to bingo and withdrew up to £800 ($1,289.18 USD) a day from her victim’s bank account. Kyle admitted to four thefts between January and October of 2009. Kyle looted the victim’s bank accounts and left him in debt. Judge Roderick Newton admonished the defendant and stated ‘What you did over a period of time was to steal a substantial amount of money from someone who was a childhood friend and who relied on you for his well being.’ The judge said the Old Age Pensioner was now impoverished as a result of Kyle’s thefts.

Before he sentenced Kyle Judge Newton said ‘The message needs to go out that in circumstances such as this there can only be one sentence. My duty is such that I would be failing if I didn’t send you to prison.’ Prosecutor Matthew Gowan told the court that Kyle’s victim had become a heavy drinker after his marriage collapsed 20 years ago. He was diagnosed with manic depression and decreased brain function. The man was still able to live independently but needed help with day to day needs. Kyle had known the man for decades and began cooking and cleaning for him.

Kyle became his caregiver but started to plunder his bank accounts as his health failed.  Prosecutor Gowan stated ‘This was a gross and flagrant breach of trust.’ Gowan said there was no evidence that Kyle had stolen household objects or property from the victim’s home. Gowan said that Kyle had withdrawn over £4,000 ($6,444.29 USD) while playing at Mecca bingo in Ipswich. At other times Kyle had made daily withdrawals of £800 and had stolen an additional £4,700 ($7,571.12 USD) to pay a deposit and six months’ rent on an apartment. Kyle told police she had three credit cards that were ‘maxed out’ and that she had the victim’s consent to make the withdrawals.