Bingo Operators Eye Italian Bingo Market

The internet bingo industry is always looking for new opportunities. A few years ago the industry expanded into Scandinavia with positive results. The Spanish bingo market has been lucrative despite massive unemployment in the country. The internet bingo industry is also targeting casual gamblers. In 2006 the bingo industry was dealt a severe blow when the United States passed draconian laws regarding internet gambling.Despite the legislation the US remains the world’s largest internet bingo market followed by Japan in second place and the United Kingdom in third. Internet bingo operators are planning on expanding into the Italian gaming market which is one of Europe’s largest.

In Italy gambling operators compete for for a public license and must bid in person at the ‘Amministrazione Autonoma dei Monopoli di Stato’ the Italian gambling authority. There are two ways operators can deliver their services in Italy; live casinos and bingo halls or on the internet. The Italian market has posted figures that have attracted the attention of internet gaming operators. Between 2004 and 2010 the average annual growth rate was 17.8% in terms of turnover and gaming revenues hit ‘Amministrazione Autonoma dei Monopoli di Stato’ Euros.In 2009 the growth rate fell shortly to about 13% but recovered.

A further increase is expected in the Italian bingo and gaming market between 2011 and 2013. The increase is because of amendments by the Abruzzo Decree which provides for the launch of video lotteries, cash games online. The growth rate will be raised by the consolidated offer of internet bingo, poker and other skill gamesas well as internet casino games. The introduction of online cash games will have great importance for skill based card games which are responsible for about 75% of player demand in global internet gambling markets.

Internet bingo is increasingly important to the Italian internet gaming industry. By 2013 experts predict that the global internet bingo market will be worth almost $3 billion dollars annually. 2009 is considered ‘year zero’ for internet bingo in Italy. Operators began to offer Italian players real money bingo games. In 2009 jackpot criteria increased from 58% to 70% and taxes are about 11%. Bingo has been a popular game in Italy for a long time. For centuries Italians have played a bingo type game known as Tombola. The game is especially popular during the Christmas holiday season. Some experts say that 90 ball bingo games were developed from the old Tombola game.

Internet bingo operators also have plans to offer mobile bingo in Italy. Mobile bingo has experienced very strong growth and gaming analysts say that mobile bingo will drive further industry expansion worldwide. Internet bingo is already an accomplished fact in Italy and continues to expand which is good news for internet bingo operators.